MPTF Math Contest 2021

The MPTF Math Competition is an annual contest held by MPTF to provide challenging and intriguing problems to young and aspiring students. The problems are written by volunteers who have experience in competitive math and are eager to share their ideas. This year, we will be hosting the 3rd annual MPTF Math Contest online through Zoom. This event is a wonderful opportunity for problem solvers to practice their critical thinking and teamwork skills. 

Contest Details

When: November 28, 2021 (12:30 PM – 5:00 PM) 

Where: Online through Zoom 

There will be two main rounds: an Individual Round and a Team Round. Each team is allowed up to 4 members, and team performance is based on a combination of team round results and every member’s individual performance. There will be a tiebreaker round for top scoring individuals. 

Round Details

Individual – 25 Problems, 60 Minutes 

Team – 40 Problems, 60 Minutes

Tiebreaker – 5 Problems, 15 Minutes 

The difficulty of the problems will be around AMC 8 – AMC 10 level. Awards will be given out to top performing individuals and teams that qualify based on grade / age level. See the sponsors below for more details on rewards. Some rewards are also raffled, so everyone has a chance at receiving a prize just for trying out the problems!

Sign Up Links: 
Registration Form:
Informatory Document:

Please fill out exactly one copy of the form for each team. If you do not have a complete team yet, wait until you have finalized your teams to fill out the forms. If you are sure you will not add anyone else to your team, fill out the form for all participating members. 

Currently Planned Schedule: (PST) 

12:30 PM – Check In 
1:00 PM – Introductions / Opening Ceremony 
1:30 PM – Individual Round 
2:30 PM – Break 
2:45 PM – Team Round Breakout Rooms 
3:00 PM – Team Round 
4:00 PM – Break / Tiebreakers 
4:15 PM – Compile Results
4:30 PM – Awards Ceremony 
5:00 PM – Extra Events 


Wolfram Alpha: Wolfram will provide free 1-year subscriptions to WolframAlpha Notebook Edition to the top 10 individuals and top 5 teams. Any overlap between a top scoring individual and a team member will be resolved by providing the reward to the next eligible high scoring individual. 

Learn more about WolframAlpha Notebook Edition here:

JetBrains: JetBrains will be giving out three 1-year subscriptions to an IDE of the recipient’s choice. The prizes will be granted via a raffle that every contestant is automatically entered in. For more details about JetBrains and their products, check out their website

Copyright © 2000-2021 JetBrains s.r.o. JetBrains and the JetBrains logo are registered trademarks of JetBrains s.r.o.

Art of Problem Solving: Art of Problem Solving will be offering 4 coupons (each worth $25) to their products, and these rewards will be given to competition participants through a raffle. To make sure everyone gets a better chance at receiving the necessary tools to explore mathematics, contestants that have already won a raffle will not be able to participate in further upcoming raffles.

You can visit Art of Problem Solving’s website here to learn more about their courses, textbooks, and more! 

Jane Street: Jane Street will be providing Amazon gift cards to the top 5 middle school performers that can be used to purchase their merchandise. The top performers will be selected based solely on individual round results. 

To learn more about Jane Street, you can head over to their website at: 

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