Mission Possible Teens Computer Science Club provides a variety of year-round programs to local kids. Our programs help children go from beginners to pros, then look further in the direction they enjoy. We can provide all that’s needed for those who are interested in computer science but cannot afford expensive fees.
  • We hope what we’re doing will inspire kids to discover their interests;
  • We hope what we’re doing can help kids in need and make talents not be covered;
  • We hope what we’re doing will continue the heritage of Bay Area.

The role of extracurriculars is growing in college applications. If you are a student interested in pursuing computer science, then a club that can funnel your passion and enthusiasm is a great addition to your portfolio.
MPFT Computer Science Club offers both software and hardware options.

Upcoming Events

Our Programs

Introduction to Java

June 10 - Aug 19, 2021
Thur 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Introduction to Python

May 22nd - July 17th, 2021*
Sat 7PM - 8PM

Our Programs

Introduction to Java

June 10 - Aug 19, 2021
Thursday 7:00PM - 8:30PM

8yrs - 12yrs

For students entering 6th grade and above

The students will learn how to:
  • Write basic programs using standard input/output
  • Declare variables with an understanding of variable types and their purpose
  • Manipulate loops and arrays to create basic fundamental algorithms and functions
  • Create personalized functions and classes for easier data storage
  • Code programs using multiple files and use file input/output

Class Size

12 students


$60 (MPTF member)
$90(non MPTF member)

Our Programs

Introduction to Python

May 22nd - July 17th, 2021*
Sat 7PM - 8PM

10yrs - 14yrs

  • Topics: Python Environment Setup, Data Types, Variable Assignments, Strings (indexing and slicing, properties and methods, print format etc), Lists, Sets, Dictionaries, if … elif … else statements, Loop structures
  • Class Structure: Tutoring + Quiz + Homework Q&A. Each class has homework.
  • Tuition: $19 (MPTF member) / $38 (non MPTF member) for 10 classes

Pay after 3rd class so you try out first. Tuition is for class and Python Coding Club materials, activities and awards!

Medium Level

Topics: More Python statements and logics, Modules and Packages, Python Classes (Object Oriented Programming intro, Attributes, Properties, Methods, Inheritance and Polymorphism), Errors and Exception handling, Generators.
First project: develop a game (e.g. tic-tac-toe)

Advanced Level

Topics: to be shared at a later time. It’ll center around a number of advanced Python modules
Second project: a web scraping or machine learning project

Upcoming Events

Our Programs

Scratch (age 7~10)


C# (age 9~12)


Competition & Algorithmic Coding


Our Computer Science Coaches

Computer Science

Coding Turtoring

Python & Java

Python, Java & C++

Our Past Programs

Python (2020 Spring)

Python is a very basic, easy to comprehend programming language that can serve as a foothold to other languages. This course provides a introduction to computer science utilizing Python as well as a walk through of coding 2 games.

HTML & CSS (2020 Summer)

HTML and CSS are the OG web development programming languages. These essential create all of the webpages you can find online. Learning how to manipulate these is crucial to web development, even if you are using a third-party program like WordPress or Wix. This introduction also briefly goes over Git and GitHub pages, where you can host your own HTML/CSS/JS webpage for free!

We have always worked to improve interconnectedness and a sense of community through a vast variety of clubs and events. 


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Frederick Zhang

Frederick Zhang is a 11th grader at Irvington High School. He has a broad range of expertise regarding computer science from algorithmic languages (Java, Python) to web development (HTML, CSS) and Data Science (R, MATLAB).

Sicheng Guo

  • Irvington High 9th grade student;
  • AIME qualified since 7th grade;
  • USACO Silver;
  • Experience of coding turtoring.

Benjamin Huang

Benjamin Huang, an Irvington High 9th grade student. He has been learning python for 4 years. He is in USACO Bronze and also knows Java, C#, and C++.

Zeming Zhao

Zeming Zhao has a strong interest in programming. He had experiences in Java, C#, C++, Python, Html, and Css.

Lily Zhao

10th grader at Mission San Jose High School as of June, 2021 with broad computer programming experience with Python and Java. She is also very interested in Object Oriented Programming and Data Science subjects.

Andrew Zhao

8th grader at Hopkins Junior High as of June, 2021 with broad computer programming experience with Python, Java and C++. He was the programmer of an elite FTC team that ranked top 10 (among hundreds of Junior High and High School teams) in FTC NorCal (Northern California) Regional in 2020.