Math Club is a non-profit math Club under MPTF organization consisting of students, coaches, and parents who are dedicated to inspiring a mathematical mindset in the Fremont community. Our ultimate goal is to provide math-driven students with an opportunity to expand their understandings of complex mathematical topics.

We aspire to expand interest in mathematics among the Fremont Area and provide math-driven students with opportunities to develop deeper understandings of mathematical topics outside of the school setting.

Our Programs

Fremont Math Contest - Fall 2023

September. 2023

Competitive Math Training Summer 2023

2023 Math Basics Classes

April - June, 2023

Our Programs

Introduction to Prealgebra

Spring 2023
April 5 to June 7, 2023 7pm - 8pm



Class structure

Lesson and Homework review

In this course, students will learn the basics of Prealgebra, as well as common problem solving ideas. Our goal is to challenge students with concepts beyond the regular school curriculum. This course will help them to build a solid foundation and serve as a stepping stone for higher levels of math.Our two instructors, Isabella Li and Andy Liu, are Fremont students who qualified for the 2023 AIME.

Topics students will learn:

Fractions, Ratios and Rates, Decimals, Percents, Equations and Inequality, and Counting
Problem Solving Strategies

Our Math Coaches

Past Programs

Past Programs

2020 Fremont Math Contest

Nov - 1 -2020

Mission Possible Teens Math Club will host the Fremont MPTF Math Contest. All students who are 8th grade and under are welcome to participate.

We have always worked to improve interconnectedness and a sense of community through a vast variety of clubs and events. 


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Evan Yang

Evan Yang is currently a rising Sophomore at Mission San Jose High School. His interest in competitive math first began when he participated in MATHCOUNTS in elementary school, and since then, he has taken various other math contests such as the AMCs, where he qualified for the AIME in 2020 and 2021 and the USAJMO in 2021. Besides mathematics, Evan also enjoys programming, and he is in the USACO Gold Division. Evan has taught multiple classes before, including an Algebra 1 class and AMC 12 and BmMT practice classes. He understands through personal experience that mathematical concepts and ideas can only be remembered through practice and applications. Evan hopes that he can teach his students a wide variety of concepts while letting them acquire the experience they need to improve upon their mathematical brilliance

Patrick Chu

Patrick Chu is a rising freshman at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, California. He qualified for USAJMO in 2021, qualified for AIME two times, and achieved a perfect score on the AMC 8 in 2020. He also qualified twice for the California MATHCOUNTS State competition. Finally, he qualified for the 2021 Mathleague high school national competition and the middle school state competition.

Aside from individual scores, Patrick also values teamwork. In BmMT 2021, his team scored fifth place on the Team Round and first place in the Puzzle Round. In the 2020 MATHCOUNTS Fremont Chapter, his team was the first place team. In ARML Local 2021, his team was the tenth place team.

Outside of mathematics, Patrick participates in Boy Scouts of America. He also enjoys programming and science.

Patrick has experience teaching AMC 8 and Algebra 1 mathematics to students. He hopes to enable more students to perform well in mathematics.