MPTF Math Contest 2022

The MPTF Math Competition is an annual contest held by MPTF to provide challenging and intriguing problems to young and aspiring students. The problems are written by volunteers who have experience in competitive math and are eager to share their ideas. This year, we will be hosting the 4th annual MPTF Math Contest online through Zoom. This event is a wonderful opportunity for problem solvers to practice their critical thinking and teamwork skills. 

Contest Details

When: December 18, 2022 (10:00 AM – 2:00 PM) 

Where: Online through Zoom 

There will be one main round, which is the Individual Round. There will also be a tiebreaker round for top scoring individuals. 

Round Details

Individual – 20 Problems, 60 Minutes

Tiebreaker – 4 Problems, 15 Minutes 

The difficulty of the problems will be around AMC 8 – AMC 10 level. Awards will be given out to top performing individuals and teams that qualify based on grade / age level. 

Registration Form:

Currently Planned Schedule: (PST) 

10:00 AM – Check In 
10:30 AM – Introductions / Opening Ceremony 
11:00 AM – Individual Round 
12:00 PM – Lunch Break 
1:00 PM – Tiebreaker Round
1:15 PM – Compile Results
1:30 PM – Awards Ceremony



WolframAlpha will be providing subscriptions to their Notebook Edition for the top 15 students in both the Elementary and Middle School categories. Worth $72 per subscription, WolframAlpha Notebook Edition is an amazing mathematical tool that allows students to use English inputs to get answers to questions, create graphs, and find accurate online models. Learn more about WolframAlpha here

Art of Problem Solving

Art of Problem Solving will be providing 4 $25 coupons for their products that will be given to 4 lucky individuals through a raffle! Art of Problem Solving has a wide selection of books and classes that can help students learn and improve their problem solving skills. Check out their website to learn more.


JetBrains will be providing 3 annual subscriptions to an IDE of the winner’s choice! JetBrains has an amazing selection of IDEs for a wide range of programming languages that can provide you with a professional coding environment. These subscriptions will be raffled out to 3 random contestants. To learn more about their products, check out their website:

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Taskade will be providing lifetime upgrades to Taskade Unlimited for the top performers in both the Elementary and Middle School categories, and they will be providing 5-year upgrades for all other contestants. Learn more about them here

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