MPTF Fundraising Club Raised $766 in the 25th “Bark in the Park” Dog Festival.

On 9/16/2023, the 25th “Bark in the Park” Dog Festival was held at William Street Park in downtown San Jose. We organized a charity sale event. Through the sale and donation of pet-themed hats, we raised a total of $776 in charitable funds, which were donated in full to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley for the care and treatment of wild animals.

From 10am to 5pm, our charity corner attracted numerous visitors for viewing, discussions, and support. While selling hats, we also gave away “Rescue Mom” and “Rescue Dad” themed hats for free, expressing our gratitude to those kind-hearted individuals who adopt pets and collecting rescue stories. We hope to compile these stories into an article to encourage rescuing pets instead of buying from breeders. In this event, we sold and gave away nearly 500 hats, raising a total of $776.

We started to plan the MPTF Fundraising Club at the end of 2021. Since 2022, we have held more than 20 fundraising events. As of September this year, we have donated nearly $5,000 to more than 15 animal rescue centers, contributing our love and strength to animal rescue.

Special thanks to the sponsor of this event, Hatphile. They designed and produced various exquisite pet-themed hats, providing strong support for the charity sale.


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